Customer will do what you want if you follow this 6 steps

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Customer will do what you want if you follow this 6 steps

Customer will do what you want if you follow this 6 steps
Nowadays we often hear the phrase "influencer", both in business and in everyday life. How hard do these influencers work when it comes to interacting with people? 

Business is built on the principle of scarcity and need. Customers tend to view your work positively if you are willing to provide them with something that other companies cannot. Customers want to see products that you can't get everywhere else. Customers like limited offerings because they give them the opportunity to buy something that others won't have. 

Customers also like certainty. Your company should have the ability to build a strong relationship with the customer. You should be able to properly emphasize your strengths, knowledge and credibility. Try to give your customers the opportunity to test your products so that they can decide for themselves whether to continue working with you or not.

Persuasion is the basic science of business and here are the six factors that most seriously influence our decisions:

1. Complementarity

It's the ability to give back what you've gotten from others. One study showed that if a waiter gives a person a piece of gum at the end of their meal, their tip can go up to five percent, for two pieces of gum they can get about 15 percent, and if the waiter gives one first, then turns around and says "for you, I can give you another one," the tip goes up to as much as 25 percent.

This was affected not only by how much the waiter gives, but also by how he gives it. The customer likes to feel special and to be the first one to get any nice bonuses. Everyone loves a nice surprise.

2. Lack

One airline announced that it had decided to limit the number of Barcelona-Paris flights because the flight was not profitable for the company. After this announcement sales flew up. Sometimes you have to tell customers not only about the perks they can get, but also show them something unique that they can lose.

3. Authority

People are willing to listen to a person who has authority and a person who shows with all his appearance that he understands the industry they are interested in. The patient will calmly agree with the diagnosis during an appointment with a doctor who will have many awards and diplomas hanging on his wall. It is important to be able to show others that you are an expert in your field before trying to influence people.

4. Consistency

Know how to allocate and label your tasks correctly. Start small and after success take on more. The client will not be ready to work with you right away if you want to take on big orders without proving yourself. Offer him a deal with smaller amounts, so that he understands that your company is reliable.

5. Empathy

People prefer to listen to those who have a common opinion with them and show their positive attitude. What makes one like the other? Common interests and challenges. If you take a little time before a negotiation to research your customer, exchange information, learn about his motivations and what kind of work he needs your product for, then the percentage of a successful deal goes up dramatically. If you're trying to work on quantity, and you're not willing to take the time to learn about the customer, there's a good chance that you simply won't be listened to. 

6. Consensus

People like to look at the actions of others and relate them to their own. You can leave a little message for your clients like "80 percent of our clients come to us a second time," so it will be an effective message about your reliability and trustworthiness and it will already leave a person thinking that they can come to you again and get the same quality service.

Don't forget to look back at others, learn and take advantage of what the information gives you. In this way you will learn to persuade others to follow you.

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